52 Lists // One

Friday, January 3

1. To be more of a yes (wo)man.
2. To love myself more.
3. To make more time for yoga and meditation.
4. To continue to stay positive.
5. To surround myself only with people who lift me higher.
6. To swim in more lakes.
7. To just enjoy the adventure. 

Due to overwhelming response to be involved in this little project of mine, i have now sent all the emails out, so if you have one then you will continue to receive one each week. I closed the mailing list for additional people due to high volume (which i am so pleased with) but if you still want to be involved feel free! Just check back here for the topic and do your own :) Don't forget to link in the comments so we can all take a look! Thank you..

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  1. I like this one! Your goals are great, I really like the "swim in more lakes" one! I completely forget to say that I would be joining in, so I'm not on your mailing list, but here's my post for today anyway:
    The Cup and Saucer: Goals for 2014

    Alice xx

  2. I have such love for this. Lists are my favourite. I haven't done it this time but from next week, I'm on it!

    Ellie | mantrapixie | x

  3. Yours is such a sweet list, love it!
    So glad I got in on this list action just in time, my first one is up today.
    M x Life Outside London

  4. Great lists - fun and achievable too.
    I've just added my list for this week. Thanks for letting me join in. x

  5. Numbers 2 and 5 are things I've thought about so much lately too. Wonderful goals, I think.
    I've just posted mine - thanks so much for having me on board!
    Fill My Little World

  6. I've posted mine today too at www.vintagecelebrations.co.uk

    1. http://www.vintagecelebrations.co.uk/2014/01/crafts-creations-photo-life-round-up.html

  7. I just posted mine, thank you so much for letting me be apart of this project! I am so looking forward to each weeks new list!


  8. I don't think I'm on the list but I posted my goals for 2014 a couple of days ago!

  9. I love your goals, I should have put staying more positive on my list too - it's something I find so easy to forget when things are a bit rough. I posted mine today: Reasoning My Soul: On My Goals For 2014


  10. What a great idea. I love your goals, they're really positive. Swimming in lakes is incredibly awesome too!

    I've just posted mine at www.whiskyandwoodsmoke.com

    Gemma xx

  11. Hi Ema! I am a week overdue, but just posted my goals for the year ^.^
    I am a massive home-body so they focus around getting out and taking advantage of all the beautiful hikes and cycling trails here in New Zealand, and the fitness they will hopefully inspire

  12. I'm even later to the game than Croissant de Confiture!
    I've just posted list #1 and planning #2 for tomorrow. Thank you for organising this Ema!


  13. To help me keep track of the list project I am trying to list everyone taking part here http://workrestplaylove.blogspot.co.uk/p/52-lists.html as I am loving see everyone's lists each week. If I've missed off your blog please let me know and I will add you in.

    Happy list writing everyone! Scarlett x



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