This week in pictures (and numbers)

Friday, October 31

It feels like such a long time since i've been at home for any length of time. I was starting to think i had better change my address to my cars reg plate! So here's my week broken down into numbers.

Two: Pumpkins carved 
Six: Toffee apples made
One: Very happy dog now that everyone is back home again
One: Cold starved off as best i can. 
Six Hundred: Leaves blown from the gardens
Five: Resident cows who have become partial to a morning apple treat
Nine: The series i am up to of my rewatching of Greys Anatomy
One: Word made up. Rewatching, is that a word? It's not a word
Four: Very long dog walks
Two: Blankets on my bed at night to keep me warm
One: Job interview attended
Seven: Magical Autumn weather days
Fifty: Photos taken of leaves
One: Blog post that actually made it to publish! 

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